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We Offer the Following Commercial Electrical Contracting Services in Richmond Virginia

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Commercial Electrical Services

Electric Solutions of Richmond offers both personalized and experienced service from fully licensed contractors. We always go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. From full service electrical upgrades to generator installation, we have the expertise you need at rates you can afford.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors can not only be a key part of the safety plan for your business, you may be required by law to have them installed. While smoke detectors are not required in all industrial or business occupancies, they may be legally mandated if the building’s evacuation plan requires that disabled individuals use elevators. Our contractors can consult with you on local, state, and federal mandates.

Commercial Security Lighting

Outdoor Motion Sensors and security lighting provide your business with a beautiful and secure way to light your commercial property. We deliver a wide range of outdoor and security lighting for reliability, performance, and energy efficiency.

Cash Wrap & Register Drop Wiring

Configurations and construction of cash wraps are as vast as the array of stores that they exist in, our expert electricians consult with you on available options tailored to fit your needs.

Data Cabinet Wiring

We offer the installation of data cabinets and racks. Our electrical engineers can advise on the correct option for complete your data network needs. We install a full range of data cabinets, racks, patch panels and all network data cabling.

Freezer / Refrigerator Lighting and Installation

We install, maintain, and repair lighting for sorts of walk-in freezers and refrigerators. We service a wide variety of restaurants and groceries throughout the Greater Richmond area.

Commercial Property Landscaping Lighting

Put your landscaping investment on display day and night with landscape lighting design and installation.

Commercial Additions & Renovations

Our experts take care of the wiring for all your business renovations and additions ensuring that everything is up to code and properly inspected. In addition, we add any specialty items you want and go above and beyond to install extra outlets and other items you may need in the future.

Electrical Panel Changes

We remove old electrical panels and replace them with newer, new up-to-date panels wired to your business' specifications and needs. Thinking of adding to your business property in the future? No problem! The new panels have extra spaces specifically for any new rooms or additions.

Ceiling Electrical Wiring and Installation

Electrical Solutions is your ceiling installation specialist. We install all types of ceiling lighting! Our experts take care of all necessary wiring in accordance with city code.

AV and Telecommunications

We can install voice jacks, data jacks, and WiFi access points. We can run fiber optic to your buildings because it allows your data to travel more than the 328’ limit on copper data cables and it is NOT subject to surges from lightning. We can provide a NEC phone systems with voicemail, and email integration. We can mount your flat screen TV, install speaker systems and wireless remote control systems.

HVAC Electrical

Controls for heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) cover a broad range of products, functions, and sources of supply. Additionally, HVAC systems can fail due to faults in outdoor electrical components. Our electricians can help rule out simple electrical malfunctions and avoid unnecessary and costlier replacements.

Light Commercial Services

Electric Services of Richmond also does light commercial work in the greater Richmond area. From simple outlet installations to lighting and energy efficient upgrades.

Street Lighting

We offer the highest quality and reliability in outdoor, utility and infrastructure lighting. New LED technology increases energy efficiency and lowers your monthly electric bill! Examples of work we can do includes security lighting, roadside luminaries, flood lights, and pole installation.

Electrical Generator Installation

Ensure that your business always has power with a state-of-the-art generator. We size your property and either purchase the proper sized generator or let you know what size generator you’ll need. Our crew wires the generator through a transfer switch for safety, enabling you to simply plug it in, flip a switch, and have power. We install both portable and whole-building generators. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.




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Store Lighting, Data Cabinets, Cash Wraps (Register drops)

Best Buy

Work performed: Data Lines, Data Racks, Store Lighting, Freezers, Refrigerator Lights

Whole Foods

Work performed: Renovations, Freezer, Lighting, Bakery, Cash Wraps

Food Lion

Work Performed: Interior Lighting, Exterior Drive Though Sign Installs


Work Performed: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Crazy 8

Work Performed: Store Renovation, Removal and Re-installation of Electrical and Audio / Visual

Foot Locker

Work Performed: Entrance Lighting, Ovens, Cooking Equipment, Outside Signage

Panera Bread

Work Performed: Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Repair of Wine Rack Lighting

Total Wine

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