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Get peace of mind from Henrico County and the greater Richmond area's volatile weather patterns with an installed home electrical generator.

Electical Solutions of Richmond ensures that your home always has power.


We size your house and either purchase the proper sized generator or let you know what size generator you’ll need. Our knowledgeable electricians wire the generator through a transfer switch for safety, enabling you to simply plug it in, flip a switch, and have power. We install both portable and whole-house generators.

We recommend that these be checked annually ­and maintained much like your lawn mower: ­ perfoming an oil change, testing battery and spark plugs. These are powered either through your home's natural gas line, or by a propane tank. Most modern generators perform a diagnostic self test for thirty minutes once per week. If it fails, alarm sounds on a panel in house to let you know it needs attention.

Electric Solutions of Richmond prefers Kohler or Honda generators for their established track record of excellence. We also recommend the addition of whole house surge protection when a generator is installed.




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