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Henrico County and the surrounding greater Richmond area is filled with houses and building rife with historical significance.

Restrictions on what you can do insofar as electrical upgrades to historic residences can be complicated, but in some cases updating your system is not only preferable - it's required by law.


If your home is in a Historic District we possess both the experience and expertise to renovate with modern amenities while keeping the history and charm of your home intact.

Upgrading your historic home's electrical system can be a nightmare for even the most experienced DIY'er. Restrictions that require special permits or approval are commonplace in this region. Our electricians coordinate with local jurisdictions to determine what you can and cannot do. Where many other companies turn down small historical renovation jobs, Electric Solutions is ready and willing to jump right in.

Buildings dating back to the 1800’s often require complete removal of archaic tube and knob wiring to bring it up to code. We have an extensive and proven track record on this kind of work in Shockoe Bottom and the Fan in Richmond. Our electricians possess the trusted experience renovating and upgrading the electrical foundations of historic Richmond neighborhoods.

When one considers that the major bulk of electrical appliances didn't exist when these residences were first built - Electric stoves, washers and dryers, refrigerators, computers, etc.. It's not hard to realize how essential upgrading these electrical systems can be for both the bottom line of your energy build and the safety of your family.


Here's an example:

A client wanted to run power to an exterior building from the main house. Code required that this could not be visible, as it would deter from the historic design of the property. Our solution? We installed new wiring and designed a brick covering matching the surrounding elements that covered it completely so it couldn't be seen.




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