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Whole house surge protectors. Installed by our knowledgeable electricians throughout Henrico County & the greater Richmond area.

Power strips or surge protective panels aren't enough to safeguard your home from damaging lightning strikes and unexpected power surges - it takes a whole house surge protection system to protect your valuable electronics.


Why are whole house surge protectors an important investment for the safety of your home and your electronic devices? It's simple. First, they allow only the electricity your home needs and stem the tide of over-voltages from the electric company. Secondly, they protect your electronics from surges inside the house. While they can't protect you from a direct lightning strike - no surge protection can, that's why we have lightning rods -- the most damaging surges in the electrical system are generated from within your home, not without.

We're plugging in more appliances and electronics than ever before. Whole house systems manage internal voltage overages that can be generated by large appliances and HVAC systems. Large surges can fry circuit boards immediately, but even short bursts will degrade your electronics over time and shorten their lives.
While there are may options, Electric Solutions of Richmond prefers the SyCom brand of whole house surge protectors. We provide a one year warranty on the installation, while SyCom carries a lifetime warranty on the equipment and covers up to five thousand dollars per claim if the system fails to protect your devices during a power surge.




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